About Oak and Acorns

About Oak & Acorns

We are reputed as the most vibrant, experienced and the largest corporate service professional in the UAE, Qatar, Oman and the neigbouring Middle East countries.

Having been in the business of company formation since 2003, our team of over 150 associates, partners and employees provides the robust platform and resources required to deliver first class services to our clients in mainland, free zone and offshore company formations, license renewal and visa services.

Our range of corporate services is so comprehensively complete that it covers all aspects of establishing a new business or branch office, right from the inception through the business formation and residence visa processing, provision of all the necessary supports, both technical as well as legal & regulatory, required in the opening and operation of different types of bank accounts, staff recruitment and training, as well as the eventual full fledge operation of the business.

Oak & Acorns has been instrumental to the establishment, acquisition and restructuring of several medium and large corporations across the world, and most of these companies have gratefully retained our services in appreciation of our consistently superior, reliable, professional expertise and satisfactory service delivery to them at all times.

As the United Arab Emirates continues to consolidate on its phenomenal evolution as the financial, business and tourist hub of the modern world, we bring our wealth of decades of expertise to assist investors and entrepreneurs across the world to launch their business into global prominence through our services of establishing robust corporate structures in the region.

Our Business

Oak & Acorns has undertaken the establishment of thousands new companies, including small to medium size companies as wells as large corporations, in many countries across the world. As a one-stop point of call for all the services you require when establishing a new company, we adopt the extraordinary approach in maximizing the safety of our clients by thoroughly exploring all the legal frameworks in the country of business jurisdiction. This ultimately guarantees that our clients effectively and legally have control over 100% ownership of their business irrespective of the fundamental corporate requirements of the territory of business jurisdiction.

Oak & Acorns is reputed as the company to pioneer and till date still leads in providing the opportunity for clients to choose between individual or Corporate Nominee as a local sponsor or as a National Service Agent while establishing a new business.

Our approach to the use of Corporate Nominee vehicles provides the robust framework to fully militate against any inherent or contingent risks, and effectively allows our clients to retain full ownership as well as taking absolute control of their business at all times without any iota of risk or fear of external interference.

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